A new addition to the product range: 28 BLACK launches an energy drink that's bittersweet

Luxembourg, 11 January 2017. With Pink Grapefruit Mint, the 28 BLACK energy drink range has done more than simply add a new flavour - it has also demonstrated that energy drinks do not have to be super-sweet. The innovative taste profile of 28 BLACK Pink Grapefruit Mint unites two flavour worlds: grapefruit, for a touch of bitterness, and delicate mint, for an additional dash of freshness. And because many cocktails are simply not complete without a bitter note, 28 BLACK Pink Grapefruit Mint is ideal for mixing, offering bartenders and restaurateurs tremendous scope for new creations.

The liaison between pink grapefruit and mint doesn't just add new variety to long drinks and cocktails – it brings real colour to (night) life. That’s because the can, which naturally features the brand-new 28 BLACK design, is rendered in an energetically cheerful combination of orange and pink. Like all 28 BLACK varieties, the newest member of the family does without taurine and preservatives, is suitable for a vegan lifestyle, and is both lactose-free and gluten-free. 28 BLACK Pink Grapefruit Mint is available in Germany and Australia.

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