Discover Baobab! The new taste experience from 28 BLACK.

Luxembourg/Berlin, 4 April 2017. It is green, sparkling and somewhat mysterious – the latest variety from the energy drink 28 BLACK: Baobab. The product line extension that epitomises the 28 BLACK slogan “Be different. Drink 28 BLACK.” is a must-have for all energy drink fans.

“Anyone who would like to know how 28 BLACK Baobab tastes – or what it tastes like – should be sure to try it out themselves,” says Nicole Rezgui, Managing Director of CALIDRIS 28 Deutschland GmbH. “There’s simply nothing else like it.” And because it is so unique and such a new discovery, the campaign accompanying the product launch has been tailored to this very theme. With the “Discover Baobab!” campaign, which starts on 10 April 2017, 28 BLACK is relying on the active participation of its trend-conscious target group, for over an eight-week period they will have the opportunity to help shape the 28 BLACK Baobab video clip, which will be going online on relevant social medial channels in June. At, everyone who would like to take part can browse through the photo albums and select their favourite Baobab pictures for the video clip. All those who are unable to find what they are looking for in the photo albums will be able to create their own photo on the “Discover Baobab” theme and upload it to the website. At the conclusion of the campaign, a jury will review all of the photos submitted and choose which ones will be included in the video. Participation will also be rewarded – entrants have the chance to win one of ten four-packs of 28 BLACK Baobab that will be awarded to lucky winners on every day of the campaign, or the fast-acting Canon DSLR EOS 80D and two Canon EOS M10 system cameras that will be presented for the three best photos uploaded to the website. “We are happy to be able to involve our customers directly in our marketing campaign for Baobab with this interactive competition, because their opinions are very important to us,” explains Felin-Joy Sade, who is responsible for marketing at 28 BLACK.

The launch of 28 BLACK Baobab will be accompanied by an expansive roster of sales initiatives and campaign activities. These include extensive television spots, print advertising, free samples and a digital advertising campaign that incorporates social media activities – especially on Instagram – in order to generate awareness amongst the relevant target group. Sales at the POS will be supported by large-format advertising and additional displays.

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