German Design Award 2018 for the energy drink 28 BLACK

Luxembourg/Berlin, 14 November 2017. Now it’s official: It’s not just the flavour of the 28 BLACK energy drink that is so impressive, but also its look – and now the panel of international experts at the German Design Council has shown that it agrees by giving 28 BLACK the German Design Award 2018 for the Excellent Communications Design Packaging category.

28 BLACK has been featuring a new look since January 2017. Whereas there was but a single colour in the past, each flavour now boasts not only its own colour world, but also a dose of black – as one would expect for 28 BLACK. According to Reiner Rempis, Creative Director at zweipunktnull, the agency responsible for the packaging: “We have succeeded in increasing the visibility of the brand name, and transformed an individual variety into a product family with a clear brand message that can be recognised from afar: ‘We are 28 Black.’”

With its predominance of bright colours, dynamic design and incomparable 28 BLACK on the inside, the energy drink offers exactly what its purchasers are looking for. Varieties such as Sour Mango-Kiwi in sunny yellow-orange and Baobab in mystical green not only add colour and style to the POS, but are also best-sellers in the 28 BLACK product range.

The German Design Award is presented by the German Design Council, which was established in 1953 and is now recognised as a leading competence centre for communication and brand management in the field of design. With this award, the German Design Council honours innovative products and projects that are trendsetters in the German and international design scene.

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