Orange meets ginger: Energy Drink 28 BLACK introduces a new variety

Luxembourg/Berlin, 9 October 2018. For the second time this year, 28 BLACK fans have the pleasure of welcoming a new flavour. Following the successful launch of 28 BLACK Absolute Zero Guava-Passion Fruit in January, the energy drink is now expanding its product range again with the addition of Orange-Ginger. The new flavour combines fruity orange with the wonderful spiciness of ginger. Like all 28 BLACK varieties – Açaí, Sour Mango-Kiwi, Sour Cherry, Baobab, Absolute Zero Guava-Passion Fruit and Classic – Orange-Ginger does not resort to artificial colours and preservatives or taurine.

With its orange and neon-green look, the fruity-spicy invigorator is quite the eye-catcher on shelves and is sure to generate attention at the POS. The launch will be supported by comprehensive 360-degree communications from January 2019. All online and offline channels will be used – including TV, cinema advertising, print ads, billboards, YouTube and social media platforms – to publicise the launch of 28 BLACK Orange-Ginger. 28 BLACK Orange-Ginger is now available for the retail and catering trades.

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